We are a catalyst

The planet is changing. We need to work with urgency, at scale to counteract climate change and build resilient communities.
— Rick Bolton, CEO Compass Energy Platform

our specialties

  • Project Ideation and Definition

  • Community Collaboration and Community Benefit Agreements

  • Site Selection and Technical Studies

  • Project Design and Engineering

  • Financing and Ownership Structure

  • Operations and Maintenance


our partners

The Compass advantage includes strategic partnerships with respected and experienced firms that are selected for their technical/development capabilities and to reduce project risk and optimize costs. Project teams are designed around project scope.


A Partner. Our early-stage development efforts focus on desired outcomes, weighing immediate and long-term needs and opportunities to define the best path forward. We work to maximize project impact, often scaling the project through multiple stages while future-proofing against obsolescence. Our financing approach -- the P3 public/private partnership – offers multiple ways to share project ownership and control, if desired.

A Platform. Advanced energy projects require multiple skills, which is why we team with the best engineering, construction, operation and management firms to guarantee long-term project success. Compass also has a natural partner in Navigant Consulting, with access to more than 600 energy experts across the globe.

Secure. Derisking projects is our speciality. Microgrids and distributed energy projects offer many opportunities, but the cross-disciplinary (and cross-asset) nature of project development adds significant complexity and risk. Engineering, construction and long-term operation must be managed carefully. Our financing and development approach is specifically designed to accept the transfer of substantial risk from project sponsors, reducing complexity and risk.

Aligned. Because Compass has an ownership interest in each project – and won’t see a return on its investment unless the project is successful – our interests are naturally aligned with our project counterparties. This make Compass very different from the standard fee-based developer, which often has no continuing stake in the future success of the project.

Community. Compass makes it a priority to directly benefit the economic well-being of the communities in which we work and the lives of the people in them. We create a specific “Community Benefits Agreement” for every project that defines and guarantees the quantifiable and tangible local benefits that will result from each project.



Rick Bolton, Chief Executive Officer
Los Angeles, CA
Direct: 310.801.0076

Rick Bolton’s 25 years of experience within the energy and Internet industries have given him a deep understanding of the ways in which policy, financing and innovation can build new markets and fight climate change.

He is the CEO of Compass Energy Platform, LLC where he leads the company’s mission to develop and finance 21st century energy infrastructure, help cities fight climate change and build more resilient economies and communities. He leads the company’s work to define, assess and build locally-generated energy (including solar, wind, fuel cells, energy storage and biomass), microgrids, electric transportation and smart city assets. Compass was developed through a collaborative effort between Navigant Consulting and InfraRed Capital Partners.

Prior to his current position, he served as Director, New Projects at Navigant Consulting, serving as an “intrapreneur,” leading the effort to create Compass Energy Platform.

Previously, he was Lead, Project Origination at Energizing Co., a Los Angeles-based investment and development platform focused on community-scale grid modernization projects in Canada and the United States. He led origination related to the company's $250MM project financing fund with Stonepeak Investment Partners.



Ken Horne, Chief Operating Officer
Boston, MA
Direct: 617.596.8974

Ken's core expertise gained over 20 years of experience lies at the intersection of business model, technology, and infrastructure project optimization. He is the COO of Compass Energy Platform, LLC where he manages project development and design complexity to optimize investment and benefit value for stakeholders.

Prior to his current role, he served as a Director in Navigant’s Energy Practice where he led the Microgrid Center of Excellence and pioneered a microgrid development strategic planning and commercial modeling solution for utility, city, state agency and investor stakeholders. He also led infrastructure planning engagements including development of a plan for the deployment of a $600M utility grid modernization portfolio and management of US DOE’s $8B Smart Grid Investment Grant benefit and impact assessment team.

Before joining Navigant, he developed the business case and served as Program Director for a digital and physical grid modernization investment program across five city-owned pubilc water, gas, and electric utilities where his role included leadership of a program management office, development of the overall IT/OT architecture for five inter-connected utilities, oversight of an $18M budget, ARRA cost accounting and federal grant compliance, and leadership of the utilities’ first joint electric infrastructure cyber security program implementation.

Large-scale city energy projects are inherently complicated and risky.
Our approach makes it easy for cities to undertake distributed energy projects
— Ken Horne, COO Compass Energy Platform