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Energy infrastructure is the place to start


Compass accelerates the adoption of advanced energy solutions.

Get to know Us

Compass Energy Platform, LLC is a clean energy development and financing platform that helps government agencies, utilities and commercial & industrial concerns prepare for the future through district-scale energy projects that increase environmental and economic resilience. We de-risk, develop and finance every sort of distributed energy asset – microgrids, solar, wind, fuel cells, battery storage, CHP and smart city assets.

joint venture

Compass was created as a joint venture between two world-class companies -- Navigant Consulting and InfraRed Capital Partners -- to leverage our combined knowledge and resources, and to accelerate the adoption of advanced energy systems by doing things differently. Learn more about us and what makes our approach unique.

Advanced energy goals

  • Decarbonize the Planet

  • Build Community Resilience

  • Develop Clean, Reliable Power Sources

  • Manage Costs

  • Demonstrate Community Benefits

market position

Compass works with cities, government agencies, public and private utilities, community choice aggregators and commercial entities to increase local energy independence and build community resilience. We focus on:

  • Development of distributed generation assets

  • Battery storage

  • Expandable community microgrids

  • Electric vehicle infrastructure

  • EV Bus Fleets


Our investment model is based on public/private partnership (P3), and our commitment to cities includes investment in schools, hospitals, commercial/industrial entities and other key verticals.